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Death, Afterlife, and Eternity

Death-no other word invokes in our minds such feelings of ultimate loss, finality, and even fear-but what is death? To many people death is merely the cessation of life, the natural end of all physical organisms. To those who embrace the naturalist's philosophy concerning the origin of life, that is the most logical answer. Natural forces, they say, created our life, and natural forces will reclaim that life. To those who embrace evolution, there is no hereafter, no reincarnation, no resurrection of life, we merely die and cease to exist. On the other hand, many billions of the inhabitants of this earth believe that there is something beyond the grave to which all earthly life is transfigured. While there are thousands of variations of beliefs, this book examines death using the only time tested and reliable source of information we have-the Bible. From God's Word we can find the answers to these and other questions: What is death? Why is there death? What happens after death? Is there any hope for eternal happiness beyond the grave?

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What Was the American Dream?
And What Happened to It?

America-The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; The Bastian of Liberty in the midst of a world that is filled with oppression; The Symbol of Democracy to those who are ruled by tyranny. Who amongst the people of this nation and the world did not once believe these words; and who did not also believe that America once stood for the right? Now, many people of the world view America as the oppressor; many are skeptical of its true intentions towards the rest of the nations; and many view America as being hypocritical, having betrayed those values which it once held dear. Many of America's own people have come to distrust their government, and have prepared to defend themselves against what they perceive as a very real threat to their liberty. Has America changed its principals? What was the American Dream that led so many people to this land? What were the foundations upon which this nation was founded? And, has America wandered so far from its ideology that we have become that from which our forefathers fled? This short book calls for an examination of modern day America, and what must be done to restore its once sacred heritage.

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Free Bible

Gratis La Santa Biblia

We are offering, on a limited basis, a free Bible (Spanish or English) to those who want, but who do not have the resources to purchase one. This is offered as a "one time" per addressee to those who request it. Simply use the "Order Form" link above, and give your address for mailing purposes.

Free Downloads

The following messages may be downloaded and heard on many media players.

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060296 The Abundant Life; Mike Roberts

000007 Fresh Oil; Jack Hyles

060197 The True Gospel - Objective and Historical, Pt 1; W.W. Sasser

072797 The True Gospel - Objective and Historical, Pt 2; W.W. Sasser

110997 The Talents; Danny Shanks

032998 Persistence in Prayer; Danny Shanks

101898 The One Commandment; W.W. Sasser

092699 Effects of the Lostness of Man, Pt 1; W.W. Sasser

100399 Effects of the Lostness of Man, Pt2; W.W. Sasser

111499 Christ, The Divider of Men; W.W. Sasser

030500 Wait on the Lord; W.W. Sasser

060400 The Passover; W.W. Sasser

102603 Abrahamic Faith; W.W. Sasser

071804 Intercessory Prayer; W.W. Sasser

070107 Declaration of Freedom and Dependence; W.W. Sasser

051808 Joseph in God's Hand; W.W. Sasser

090708 The Called; W.W. Sasser

100508 There is a God in Heaven; W.W. Sasser

062809 The Wise Man and the Foolish Man; W.W. Sasser

011809 The Mighty God; W.W. Sasser

021410 Grace Sufficient; W.W. Sasser

030710 Ye Will Not Come; W.W. Sasser

060610 The "G" in Grace; W.W. Sasser

112110 The History of Thanksgiving; W.W. Sasser

010311 Truths Worth Remembering: W.W. Sasser

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