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The Garden and The Gospel

Without a doubt, the two greatest events that have most affected mankind were the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ upon Mount Calvary. The first event plunged man into the darkness and horrors of sin that have plagued this earth since that time; the second has restored to many of Adam’s race freedom from that darkness. In the Garden man lost his innocence, lost fellowship with his Creator, and lost Paradise. On the hill of Calvary the way was opened for man’s sin and guilt to be abolished, fellowship with God to be restored, and a future Paradise to be obtained. Because of one tree, man became a fallen creature with a new master, was brought into the bondage of sin, and was condemned to die. Because of the tree of Calvary, many have been made a new creature with a new Lord, have been set free from the slavery to sin, and have the gift of eternal life.

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The Words of Job's Wife

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of Job, of how an unseen battle between the Lord and Satan resulted in this man Job losing everything he had, and then being afflicted with a most hideous and painful disease. While most of us may be able to give at least an elementary account of the book, few people really understand what is the deeper message of the story. Although many books and sermons have been based upon the trials of Job, this author has come to believe that the most misunderstood character in Job’s story is that of his own wife. To many, her attitude has been likened to that of Queen Jezebel, a Biblical icon of maliciousness; but what kind of woman was Job’s wife really; and what may we gather from her rather infamous suggestion for Job to “curse God and die”? Who or what was behind her seemingly bitter advice to her husband, and was there a deeper meaning to it? Upon her very words therefore is this book based, and is designed to challenge God’s people to take another look at Job, Job’s wife, and God’s purpose concerning Job’s suffering.

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The Ten Commandments of Grace

There is a great battle going on in the world over the relevancy of the Ten Commandments—as they are presented in the Judeo-Christian Bibles. While governments of many countries throughout the world have patterned their laws after certain aspects of the Ten Commandments, any attempt to assign to them religious significance, or attach to them their source as coming from God, is vigorously fought against. There is also, even among religious circles, a great debate concerning the meaning and purpose of those ten laws. Many would question the validity of some of those edicts as they might apply to modern day religion. Others would spiritualize many aspects of those laws, while maintaining a firm belief that all of them are still in effect in some form or another. The purpose then, of this study, is to present from an entirely Biblical viewpoint, all of the important aspects, as well as the modern relevancy of those Ten Commandments.

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The Purpose of God Concerning Sin

Indeed, one of the biggest issues that we as humans face is that of sin. Still, there are many who question even the existence of sin, preferring to label self-destructive or anti-social behavior as various diseases caused by genetics, or the result of a warped psychic caused by improper parenting. Humanists, atheists, and evolutionists favor this kind of rational because it releases them from any anxieties caused by a belief in God, sin, and judgment to come. Other people, who acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being, admit that there are evils in this world that cannot be explained away with this kind of human reasoning. They conclude that there must be some evil force, such as sin, that affects some, and maybe all humans in some way; but they are ignorant of knowing exactly what it is or how to deal with it. Many people therefore, choose simply to ignore the issue of sin, while they spend their lives in material pursuits. Many others adopt various philosophies and religious beliefs that provide a salve for their troubled consciences. Though they acknowledge the existence of God, and of one day possibly seeing Him face to face, they are unsure, or even self-deceived about what will be His response concerning their faults, failures, and sins. The purpose therefore of this book, is to provide in simple terms, the answers to the most basic questions about sin, its consequences, and to present the Biblical solution for this human problem

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Ominous Verses in the Bible

Undeniably, no other book that has ever been written has caused as much controversy as the Bible. It has been ridiculed, scorned, censored, outlawed, burned, and generally dismissed as an archaic book with little worth for modern day man. Many view its contents as merely a collection of fairy tales, mystical prophesies, inaccurate historical accounts, and ancient poetry. Skeptics deny its claim of divine inspiration; and instead attribute its writings to religious zealots who were deceived about what they believed and wrote about. On the other hand, millions of other people believe that its message was inspired by God; and they have found within its pages spiritual insight, comfort, and hope. However, if anyone would be honest enough to say so, some verses in the Holy Scriptures also cause us to be uneasy at the least, and morbidly frightened at the extreme. While the Bible gives us reasons for faith, it also gives us reasons to fear; while it gives us reasons for hope, it also gives us reasons to despair; and while it gives us comfort, it also gives us torment. I have to believe, because it has been so in my life, that those who have put their trust in the Living God, and have attempted to assimilate His Word into their lives, that they are almost daily faced with Scriptures that bedevil, vex, and plague their state of well-being. It is for the purpose therefore, of giving some relief to the saints of God from these troubling verses, that this study has been introduced.

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